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Guide for seeking Employment in Singapore - People, Culture & Life

Singapore is very much a multi-racial, multi-religion and multi-national country. Though a small island, there are over 3 million inhabitants living harmoniously side by side.

There are predominantly the Chinese, then there are the Malays, Indians and a mixture or many other races. There are many foreigners who have come into this cohesive society in search of better opportunities. People come from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India and other Asian countries. Even people

from Western countries have become part of the Singapore society.


Due to the large mixture of races as well as nationalities in Singapore, there are an abundant supply of goods and foodstuffs from many other countries found in various areas in Singapore.

There are many 'coffee-shops' and food centres around for a cheap and satisfying meal. An average meal at such places will cost between S$3 to S$6.

Provision shops are conveniently situated in most housing districts and they provide goods for everyday consumption and needs.

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