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Guide for seeking Employment in Singapore - Housing and Transport

As Singapore is only a small island, land is very valuable thus landed property are extremely expensive. Therefore the local government has been building up housing estates whereby the Housing Development Board (HDB) flats are built to provide cheaper and organised housing for the public.

These public flats account for above
80% of the dwellings in Singapore. Most foreign employees in Singapore will be renting rooms in such flats for a monthly rent of between S$400
to S$500 (single occupancy). The actual cost would depend on the area of stay and the condition of the occupancy. Sharing the rented rooms with a friend or colleague is advisable to save on rent.

Transportation in Singapore is considered very convenient and efficient. 50% or more of the work force make use of the public transport to get to work. These include public buses and the Mass Transport Transit (MRT) trains. Public transport cost will vary depending on the distance to be travelled.


Different public buses have many different fixed routes but the route of the MRT train is restricted to four routes: North, South, East and West, and stopping at most major housing and commercial areas. Therefore staying near bus stops and even better, the MRT station will be very convenient. On the average, one would expect to spent around S$80 or less on transportation to and from work each month.
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